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Cheddar, Swiss, and Cream Cheeses are blended with seasonings and vegetables, or meats to create this mouth-watering assortment. Smooth, creamy, and easy to spread, they're terrific on crackers, vegetables, pretzels, bagels—even sandwiches. And you can mix and match any of the 15 flavors…

$27.00 - $44.00

From the buttery sweet goodness of Baby Swiss, to the smooth, mellow taste of our all-natural Big Red Cheddar and the robust richness of patiently-aged Vintage Cheddar, your favorites are ready to ship to everyone on your list… or to yourself* Big Baby Swiss Cheese—Our Baby…

$17.99 - $84.99

Perfect as gifts or for parties!* Here's a delicious solution for party trays or quick and easy appetizers.* Each is individually wrapped to seal in all the unique flavor, and ready to slice easily as needed.* Smokey Cheddar with Pecans, Swiss 'n Cheddar with Almonds, Port Wine with Almonds…

$16.99 - $29.99

Lightly breaded to seal in their savory taste, they're easy-as-can-be to prepare: just deep-fry or bake them for an impressive meal or hearty appetizer. Four shrimp make an ample serving. 12-15 count per pound. Shipped frozen in a reusable insulated cooler containing dry ice. Click here for…

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$48.99 - $263.00

All the delicious, nut-sweet flavor and mild creaminess of our famous Big Baby Swiss in a smaller portion.* Our Li'l Baby is perfect in sandwiches or your favorite recipes.* Of course, it's also great on snack crackers!* Handy 1 1/4-lb. size makes it the ideal gift for the smaller…

$17.99 - $39.99

…and Cheddar Cheeses, BEEF LOG ® and Summer Sausage. 14 1/2-oz. net wt.* Gift of 6: All four plus Colby Cheese and Garlic Summer Sausage. 1-lb. 5 3/4-oz. net wt.* Gift of 9: All six plus Creamy Swiss Blend Cheese, Caraway Summer Sausage and Gouda or Edam Cheese (may vary).…

$16.99 - $32.99

Entertaining! Take your pick of our most popular assortments, which include the most popular fine-dining entrée...and dessert! Assortment 1:* Two 6-ounce Filets Mignons* Two 10-ounce Center Cut New York Strip Steaks* Two 6-ounce Lobster Tails* Two 8-ounce Rib Eye Steaks* Two 7-ounce…

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$277.00 - $467.00

A delightfully delicious snack!* Gift of 5: Buttery Parsley, Roasted Garlic and French Onion "Crrrisps" with Mellow Cheddar and Herb Garden Incredible Spreadables ®. 1 lb. 3 1/2-oz. net wt.* Gift of 7: All three "Crrrisps" and both spreads listed above, plus…

$22.99 - $39.99

We select only the best Wisconsin Cheddar Cheeses.* Firm and smooth with a mellow flavor.* The Cheddar Cheese is sealed in red wax to lock in all its marvelous, full-bodied flavor.

$18.99 - $37.99

Distinctive varieties of robust flavors let you tailor your giving to exactly what you need this season!* Gift of 3: Summer Sausage, Original and Garlic BEEF LOG ® Sausages. 1 lb. each.* Gift of 4: All three plus an Extra Smokey BEEF LOG ® Sausage. 1 lb. each.* Gift of 6: All…

$37.99 - $67.99

Oh yeah! It's a favorite 5, or a steal of a deal for all 15! * Top flavors and great prices guarantee great eating.* Cheese bars are 10-oz. net wt.* Sausages are 8-oz. net wt.* Tortes are 6 1/4-oz. net wt.

$9.99 - $27.99

Flavorful and mouth-watering, this classic beef roast is highly marbled for juiciness, with bone-in flavor and moisture. Ideal as a main course centerpiece, it's an exquisite dining experience and equally fine gift. Suggested serving size is 10 ounces.4 - 4-lbs 8-oz. Bone-In Prime Rib Roast, 6-7…

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They're sure to say, " This gift has it all!"* Delight them with Maple and Ham Summer Sausage; snack-sized Cheese Bars; BEEF LOG ® and Summer Sausage.* Cheese links and wedges; Sweet Hot and Stone Ground Mustards; and Chocolate.* 2-lbs. 1/4-oz. net wt.


…spring package for terrific variety and unparalleledquality.* Includes snack-sized BEEF LOG ®, Caraway, Garlic and Summer Sausages* Cheddar, Brick, Edam and Colby Cheeses; Fruit Spreads* decadent Mini Butter Toffee; Bonbons; delicious Cakes; Petits Fours and more!* 2 lbs. 6 3/4-oz. net wt.


…sure to delight any taste!* Gift of 3: Colby Cheese, Petits Fours and Garlic Summer Sausage. 5-oz. net wt.* Gift of 3: Cheddar Cheese, Butter Toffee and Original BEEF LOG®. 5 3/4-oz. net wt.* Gift of 5: Cheddar and Brick Cheeses, Garlic Summer Sausage, Original BEEF LOG® and…

$9.99 - $35.99

This gift will provide a hearty breakfast now and lasting memories for years! And the pretty batter bowl will generate hundreds of homestyle breakfasts.* 1 lb. 5-oz. net wt.* Packed with Buttermilk Pancake Mix, maple-flavored Pancake Syrup, Maple Ham Links, Special Blend Coffee, Apple Date Bread…


This extraordinary, all-natural sharp cheddar cheese is assertive, full-bodied and robust.* Quietly aged more than two years to develop a magnificent character not easily forgotten* It's wonderfully sharp, and the texture and flavor are incomparable

$19.99 - $39.99

This can't-miss gift combines five of our most popular products.* Gift selection includes creamy Brick and full-flavored Cheddar cheese bars* BEEF LOG® and hearty Summer Sausage and Maple Ham Summer Sausage* 15 1/4-oz. net wt.



The perfect gift-pack of our favorite spreads.* Featuring Port Wine, Mellow Cheddar, Smoked Bacon and Herb Garden Incredible Spreadables®* Plus pretzels for dipping* 1 lb. 4-oz. net wt.


This Finnish-style baked cheese looks a little like French toast, but it tastes like a grilled cheese sandwich without the bread.Has the satisfying squeak of fresh cheese curds!* Best served warmed or fried as a unique snack* Dip it in coffee or top it with jam, honey or maple syrup* 10 oz.…

$15.99 - $29.99

Available In The Fall

Everyone loves a home-cooked breakfast—especially on Christmas morning.* Nourish spirits as well as appetites with a gift of Buttermilk and Apple Cinnamon Pancake Mixes.* Also, Maple Ham Summer Sausage, Pancake Syrup, Strawberry Preserves.* And Colombian Supreme Coffee, Apple Bread and Honey…


A French-style classic made right here in Wisconsin!* Soft-ripened, buttery Brie is a fine complement to crackers, breads and fruits* Bake it in a puff pastry crust and top with berries for stylish entertaining* 2 lbs.


Available In The Fall

Now more succulent and full-flavored than ever.* Maple, Honey Ham, Teriyaki, and Beef Original Sticks pack deep satisfaction into every bite. Each gift comes with delectable dipping Sauces and Mustards.* Gift of 12: Three of each flavor Stick with Sweet Hot Mustard, Barbecue and Teriyaki Sauces.…

$32.99 - $49.99

A banquet in a box…or a gift to feed a crowd!* Includes Brown Sugar-cured Ham and hearty Sausages* Cheeses, Mustards, Incredible Spread­ables®* Candy-coated Grahams, luscious Pastries, Spreads and Chocolates* 2 lbs. 12 3/4-oz. net wt.


They're 100% beef, the perfect medium heat with a hot finish and fully satisfying.* Cajun fans are sure to grab these up, so don't miss out.* 1 lb. net wt.


This cheerful tin holds a trio of individually bagged treats. It's springtime snacking at its best!* Luscious Caramel Corn* Savory Cheese Corn* Decadent White Almond Fudge Popcorn* 13-oz. net wt.


Impress holiday guests with our tangy and decadent aged Cheddar Spread!* No one can resist this savory, smooth spread made with real Cheddar* Aged 4 years for the perfect sharpness* Two tubs; 1 lb. 8 oz. net wt.


The delicious tradition, started by our Swiss forefathers here in Green County, Wisconsin, continues today.* Our Baby Swiss has glistening "eyes," nut-sweet, buttery-rich flavor and creamy smoothness.* A gift of premium craftsmanship, flavor and quality.Click here to see our double…

$17.99 - $39.99

…6: All four plus Swiss Cheese and Garlic Summer Sausage. 2 lbs. 2 1/2-oz. net wt.* Gift of 8: All six plus Extra Smokey Summer Sausage and Colby Cheese. 2 lbs. 14 1/2-oz. net wt.* Gift of 10: All eight plus an additional BEEF LOG ® Sausage and Cheddar Cheese. 3 lbs. 10 1/2-oz. net…


Reusable wildflower boxes climb to the sky with goodies!* Brick and Cheddar Cheeses, BEEF LOG, milk chocolates.* Mini Butter Toffee, candy-coated pretzels, mixed nuts and more.* The empty boxes nest inside each other for easy storage.* 18 3/4" h; 1 lb. 7-oz. net wt.


The ultimate bacon lover's delight.* 2 lbs. 4 oz. net wt.* Includes a half pound each of Sliced Bacon and Pepper Bacon, Cheddar & Bacon Spread, Smoked Bacon Incredible Spreadable and a Cheddar & Bacon Cheese Log* An ultimate delight for bacon lovers everywhere!


Available In The Fall

This classic Swiss sausage, enjoyed by generations of outdoorsmen.* Made in Wisconsin from beef and pork * Smoked over applewood* 1 lb. net wt.


One of the heartiest gifts you can give!* The finest beef, zesty spices and patient hardwood smoking create a long-time customer favorite.* One bite and you'll taste the blend of seasonings and flavor sealed into every tantalizing morsel.

$15.99 - $39.99

What they lack in height, they make up for in flavor!* Each mini tower includes a BEEF LOG®, an Original Summer Sausage, a Cheddar Cheese, and four sugar-free Petits Fours* You get three towers to give as handout gifts or "just because"* Gift of 3; 1 lb. 5-oz. net wt.


The perfect gift for the real meat lover!* Exotic flavors like these are a rare treat to be enjoyed slowly* Savory beef- and pork-blended Venison, beef-blended Elk and beef-blended Bison* All in delectable packages of seven sticks each* 1 lb. 5 oz. net wt.


…is a joyful array of delicious spring treats.* Mini Butter Toffee, Gumdrops, Fruit Gel Slices, Sixlets®, foiled Chocolates, Mixed Nuts* BEEF LOG®, Summer Sausage, Cheddar Cheese and Sweet Hot Mustard.* 1 lb. 8 3/4-oz. net wt.Sixlets ® is a registered trademark of SweetWorks ®, Inc.


Sweet and savory traditions include an assortment of these customer favorites:* Six Summer Sausages including BEEF LOGS ®* Five cheese bars* Four tortes* 2-oz. each* 1-lb. 8 3/4-oz. net wt.


Four hearty pleasers plus a sweet chocolate note!Chris Mouse's card make this a memorable holiday touch.* Savory Cheddar and Colby Cheese Bars.* Hearty BEEF LOG ® and Summer Sausages.* 9 1/4-oz. net wt.

$12.99 - $29.99

Swirls of sweet strawberry, thick, creamy goodness and natural ingredients.* Delicious cheesecake will fill everyone with smiles of pleasure.* From flaky crust to delectable cream cheese, it's irresistible.* 2 lb.


As refreshing as an ice-clinking daiquiri, cool as the pool at a summer spa—each bite of this Cheesecake is a mini vacation for the senses.* Yummy strawberry and cream cheese with strawberry bits all cradled in a soft crust.* 2 lbs. 11-oz.


Available In The Fall

Santa's outdone himself this year, but you can take all the credit!* Includes Sausages and Cheeses, Honey Roasted Peanuts, Mixed Nuts, Mustards and BBQ Sauce.* Fruit Spreads, Tortes, Petits Fours, Incredible Spreadables, Cookies, a Santa Chocolate and much more!* 7-lbs. 3/4-oz. net wt.


Nothing goes better with pretzels than cheese-except maybe beer. Send your favorite snacker this classic Wisconsin combo.* Send your favorite snacker this classic Wisconsin combo* 1 lb. 4 oz. net wt.* Featuring Port Wine, Mellow Cheddar, Smoked Bacon and Herb Garden Incredible Spreadables, plus a…


Less than $4.50 a gift!* Six individually wrapped boxes make terrific handout gifts for coworkers and friends.* Each includes a snack-sized Colby Cheese, Chocolate Torte and Summer Sausage.* 1-lb. 13 1/4-oz. net wt.


What a scrumptious treat!* Cocoa flavor plus cream cheese richness is enrobed in Swiss creme.* .60 oz. each.

$16.99 - $29.99

Video Available

Just perfect and just delicious!* BEEF LOG ®, Summer and Garlic Sausages; Swiss Cheddar/Almond and Cheddar with Port Wine Cheese Logs.* 1-lb. 1-oz. net wt.


A long-time customer favorite!* Moist spiced pumpkin cake is made extra-creamy with real cream cheese blended into the batter.* The tender cake also surrounds a cream cheese filling.* Then each delicious confection is hand-decorated—all right here in The Swiss Colony Bakery.* .79-oz. each.

$21.99 - $32.99

…you're sure to love. We've teamed up two of our most savory items to take care of all your guests!* 2 lbs. of our legendary Baby Swiss Cheese* 3 lbs. of Boneless Ham* 5-lbs. net wt.Available through April 15th. Hams must be shipped to a street address—sorry, no P.O. boxes. For…


Available In The Fall

Get ready for savory flavor with a heat that kindles deep inside.* Genuine jalapeño in our spice blend gives this hardwood-smoked summer sausage a robust difference.* 1 lb. net wt.


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