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From the buttery sweet goodness of Baby Swiss, to the smooth, mellow taste of our all-natural Big Red Cheddar and the robust richness of patiently-aged Vintage Cheddar, your favorites are ready to ship to everyone on your list…or to yourself* Big Baby Swiss Cheese—Our Baby…

$17.95 - $84.95

$15.00 per month

Cheddar, Swiss, and Cream Cheeses are blended with seasonings and vegetables, or meats to create this mouth-watering assortment. Smooth, creamy, and easy to spread, they're terrific on crackers, vegetables, pretzels, bagels—even sandwiches. And you can mix and match any of the 15 flavors…

$27.00 - $44.00

Four Cheese Bars slice neatly with the handy slicer we've included.* 4 1/4 oz. each creamy Swiss Blend, Edam, Brick and Cheddar.* Chrome-plated metal slicer is 7 1/4" l x 2 3/4" w.


One of our finest cheeses!* Our Limited Edition Vintage Cheddar is aged a minimum of four years for a just-right sharpness.* Experience the concentrated, more robust flavor and clean "bite" of an aged cheddar.* 2-lbs.


Popular, can't-go-wrong favorites offer ideal variety and flavor pairings.* Slightly sharp Cheddar, nut-sweet Swiss, and mellow and lacy Kreme Kaese.* Pair with everything from fruits and preserves to hearty breads and mustards.* 2-lbs. 13-oz. net wt.


Our top customer favorites are sure to be a hit with the whole crowd.* Includes Sausages and Cheeses, Coffee, candy, pastries, Incredible Spreadables and more!* 10-lbs. 14 1/2-oz. net wt.


$20.00 per month

It's equal time for sweet and savory in this combination gift set.* The selection includes an assortment of two BEEF LOG Sausages, two Summer Sausages.* Four Cheese Bars, three Cheese Logs and four Tortes.* 1-lb. 9 1/2-oz. net wt.


We select only the best Wisconsin Cheddar Cheeses.* Firm and smooth with a mellow flavor.* The Cheddar Cheese is sealed in red wax to lock in all its marvelous, full-bodied flavor

$18.95 - $37.95

…Garlic BEEF LOG Sausage.* Gift of 5: All four above plus 1-lb. Kreme Kaese Cheese.* Gift of 6—All five plus 1-lb. Summer Sausage.* Gift of 10: All six plus an additional 1-lb. BEEF LOG, 1-lb. Extra Smokey BEEF LOG Sausage; 1-lb. Colby Cheese, and an additional 1-lb. Cheddar Cheese.

$39.95 - $99.95

$15.00 per month

On orders by December 16th

You've told us they're your favorites, and here they are.* You or a special someone will enjoy every savory bite.* From the buttery goodness of Baby Swiss—unsurpassed for its nut-sweet, buttery-rich taste and creamy texture, to the smooth taste of Big Red Cheddar—a mellow cheddar…

$24.95 - $49.95

Available through June 16

This Finnish-style baked cheese looks a little like French toast, tastes like a grilled cheese sandwich without the bread, and has the satisfying squeak of fresh cheese curds! Best served warmed or fried as a unique snack. Dip it in coffee or top it with jam, honey or maple syrup. 10-oz. each.

$15.95 - $29.95

Giftable cobalt blue ceramic crock with Garden Vegetable Incredible Spreadable.

$15.95 - $24.95

Perfect as gifts or for parties!* Here's a delicious solution for party trays or quick and easy appetizers.* Each is individually wrapped to seal in all the unique flavor, and ready to slice easily as needed.* Smokey Cheddar with Pecans, Swiss 'n Cheddar with Almonds, Port Wine with Almonds…

$16.95 - $29.95

A taste-tempting gift!* Full-bodied and loaded with flavor, these spreads are prepared with the finest Wisconsin Cheddars.* Smooth blends feature accents of bacon, almond slivers, port wine and cheddar.* 2-lbs. net wt.



On orders by December 16th

What a great gift!* They'll enjoy receiving this delicious assortment of BEEF LOG and Summer Sausages, Cheeses, Petits Fours and more in a festive gift box.* 1-lb. 4-oz. net wt.* FREE! 9 Li'l Petits Fours. .25-oz. each.Save $$ each time you send this item to any address in…


Simply put, this is a memorable gift for the holiday.* Sausages, Cheese Bars, Wedges and Links* Petits Fours, Cookies, Spice Drops, and Tortes* Incredible Spreadables, Nuts and Jams; delectable chocolates, candies and more.* 5 lbs. 15-oz. net wt.


$15.00 per month

These deliciously meaty, tender and juicy Pork Baby Back Barbecue Ribs are already marinated and basted with tangy barbecue sauce and fully cooked to perfection. All you have to do is heat and serve, then wait for the rave reviews to follow! 1 1/2-1 3/4-lb. racks. Shipped frozen in a reusable…

$84.00 - $155.00

$20.00 per month

A gift to savor!* Delicate seasonings, natural seafood flavors and cream cheese.* Gift of 3—Crab Delight, Lobster Delight and Shrimp Scampi.* Gift of 5— All three plus Smoked Salmon and Shrimp Cocktail.* 1/2-lb. each.

$19.95 - $29.95

The delicious tradition, started by our Swiss forefathers here in Green County, Wisconsin, continues today.* Our Baby Swiss has glistening "eyes," nut-sweet, buttery-rich flavor and creamy smoothness.* A gift of premium craftsmanship, flavor and quality.Click here to see our double…

$17.95 - $36.95

Lightly breaded to seal in their savory taste, they're easy-as-can-be to prepare: just deep-fry or bake them for an impressive meal or hearty appetizer. Four shrimp make an ample serving. 12-15 count per pound. $10 cooler charge. Shipped frozen in a reusable insulated cooler containing dry…

$48.95 - $263.00

$25.00 per month

…snack sizes!* This generous, 82-piece assortment is sure to be a hit with the whole crowd.* The selection includes our legendary Sausages and Cheeses, Coffee, mouth-watering treats from our Bakery and Candy Kitchen, Incredible Spreadables, Fruit Spreads and lots more!* 10-lbs. 14 1/2-oz. net…


$15.00 per month

…Cheddar Cheeses, BEEF LOG and Summer Sausages. 15 1/2-oz. net wt.* Gift of 6: All four plus Colby Cheese and Garlic BEEF LOG Sausage. 1-lb. 7 1/4-oz. net wt.* Gift of 9: All six plus Creamy Swiss Blend Cheese, Caraway BEEF LOG Sausage and Edam Cheese. 2-lbs. 3 1/4-oz. net wt.* Cheeses are 4…

$16.95 - $32.95

On orders by December 16th

The perfect fall companion to our popular Spiced Pumpkins! Moist spiced apple cake surrounds a cream cheese filling, then is creme-coated to polished perfection and hand-decorated. Gift of 12; .75-oz. each.


…to please! 5 oz. Sausages and hearty 7 oz. Cheese Bars (Swiss Bar is 5 1/2 oz.)* Gift of 4: Vintage Cheddar and Kreme Kaese Cheeses, BEEF LOG and Summer Sausages. 1 1/2-lbs. net wt.* Gift of 6: All four plus Swiss Cheese and Garlic BEEF LOG. 2-lbs. 2 1/2-oz. net wt.* Gift…

$31.95 - $57.95

On orders by December 16th

What a great snack!* Our Cheese Logs offer a deliciously easy solution for party trays or quick and easy appetizers.* Each is individually wrapped to seal in all the flavor, and ready to slice easily as needed.Save $$ each time you send this item to any address in the U.S.! Postpaid…

$22.95 - $26.95

These food gift favorites are always guaranteed pleasers. Gift includes:* BEEF LOGS, Sausages, Cheddar and Colby Cheese Bars.* Swiss Cheddar/Almond and Smoky Cheddar/Pecan Cheese Logs, Tortes, and Cakes.* 3 lbs. 7 3/4-oz. net wt.


Cheddar, Swiss and cream cheeses are blended with vegetables, bacon and other flavors to create these fantastic spreads. "Crrrisps" are wonderfully crunchy little toasts that are more dippable than crackers.* Gift of 5 includes - 2 Spreads: Mellow Cheddar and Herb Garden plus Buttery…

$22.95 - $39.95

On orders by December 16th

This cheese is a real treat!* Delicate laciness is the hallmark of Kreme Kaese.* We developed its high cream content to create this rich and mellow, Havarti-like cheese.* 1 1/2-lbs.


This extraordinary, all-natural sharp cheddar cheese is assertive, full-bodied and robust.* Quietly aged more than two years to develop a magnificent character not easily forgotten* It's wonderfully sharp, and the texture and flavor are incomparable

$19.95 - $39.95

Less aged and less nutty than regular Swiss, with a sweet, buttery flavor. Makes a scrumptious grilled cheese or fondue! 1 lb. 6-oz.


Our soft-ripened, creamy Brie, is the best around.* A great complement to crackers, breads and fruit combinations.* Its subtle-yet-tangy taste is delicious all by itself, and makes a versatile.* 2-lbs.


They'll request this pie again and again!* Topped with streusel and walnuts, this deep-dish pie is loaded with cinnamon, apple and caramel.* 2 lbs. PLUS we'll include a 4 1/4-oz. Cheddar Cheese Bar.


Why is this Ham extra delicious?* Our extra-careful trimming, secret brown sugar and honey glaze.* "Fired-in" flavor creates the meatiest, juiciest, most flavorful ham available anywhere.* Discover for yourself why it's a customer favorite.Available through April 15th. Hams must be…

$59.95 - $99.95

$15.00 per month

On orders by December 16th

2-oz. each Garlic, Crab Delight, Swiss & Bacon, Mild Jalapeño, Spinach Supreme and Ranch. Plus, two 2-oz. each Lobster Delight, Garden Vegetable, Port Wine, Mellow Cheddar, Smoked Bacon & French Onion.


Oh yeah! It's a favorite 5, or a steal of a deal for all 15! * Top flavors and great prices guarantee great eating.* Cheese bars are 10-oz. net wt.* Sausages are 8-oz. net wt.* Tortes are 6 1/4-oz. net wt.

$9.95 - $27.95

…Cheddar Cheeses, BEEF LOG and Summer Sausages. 15 1/2-oz. net wt.* Gift of 6: All four plus Colby Cheese and Garlic BEEF LOG Sausage. 1-lb. 7 1/4-oz. net wt.* Gift of 9: All six plus Creamy Swiss Blend Cheese, Caraway BEEF LOG Sausage and Edam Cheese. 2-lbs. 3 1/4-oz. net wt.* Cheeses are 4…

$22.95 - $39.95

On orders by December 16th

A tradition of excellence started by our forefathers here in Green County.* Our Baby Swiss Cheese is a miniature version of masterpiece Swiss wheels* With glistening eyes and nut-sweet, buttery-rich flavor

$17.95 - $36.95

…satisfaction!* Gift of 3: 1-lb. each BEEF LOG Sausage and Cheddar Cheese plus 13-oz. Swiss.* Gift of 4: All three above plus 1-lb. Garlic BEEF LOG Sausage.* Gift of 5: All four above plus 1-lb. Kreme Kaese Cheese.* Gift of 6—All five plus 1-lb. Summer Sausage.* Gift of 10:…

$48.95 - $112.95

$15.00 per month

On orders by December 16th

Entertaining! Take your pick of our most popular assortments, which include the most popular fine-dining entrée...and dessert! Assortment 1:* Two 6-ounce Filets Mignons* Two 10-ounce Center Cut New York Strip Steaks* Two 6-ounce Lobster Tails* Two 8-ounce Rib Eye Steaks* Two 7-ounce…

$277.00 - $467.00

$30.00 per month

Out most popular Cheeses, Sausages and Desserts are great for holiday parties, family gatherings or snacking!* Gift of 6: Cheddar Cheese, BEEF LOG and Summer Sausages, Smokey Cheddar 'n Pecan Cheese Log.* Gift of 6 Continued: Dobosh and Double Chocolate Tortes, plus free Petits…

$31.95 - $39.95

…assortment of our most popular food gifts is elegantly wrapped to impress: BEEF LOG and Summer Sausages, cheese bars, Incredible Spreadables, breadsticks, Sweet Hot Mustard, Cheese Corn and Caramel Corn, Petits Fours, cocoa mixes, candy-coated pretzels and fruit gel slices. 3 lbs. 4 1/4-oz.…



On orders by December 16th

Flavorful and mouth-watering, this classic beef roast is highly marbled for juiciness, with bone-in flavor and moisture. Ideal as a main course centerpiece, it's an exquisite dining experience and equally fine gift. Suggested serving size is 10 ounces.4 - 4 1/2-lb. Bone-In Prime Rib Roast, 6-7…


$15.00 per month

Get ready for savory flavor with a heat that kindles deep inside.* Genuine jalapeño in our spice blend gives this hardwood-smoked BEEF LOG a robust difference.* 1 lb. net wt.


A thoughtful gift that's delicious too!* Includes Kreme Kaese, Cheddar and Colby Cheeses, BEEF LOG and Summer Sausages.* Polished Marble Cheese Board and Slicer (7 3/4" l x 5" w).* 1-lb. 3 3/4-oz. net wt.


This gift will provide a hearty breakfast now and lasting memories for years! The pretty ceramic 2-qt. batter bowl will generate hundreds of homestyle breakfasts, and is packed with Buttermilk Pancake Mix, maple-flavored Pancake Syrup, Apple Date Bread, Cinnamon Creme, Maple Ham Links, Special…


…adorn our festive new basket! This outstanding gift is brimming with Bonbon cookies, BEEF LOG and summer sausages, mustard, Colby and Cheddar cheeses, Incredible Spreadables, Mini Petits Fours, marmalade and jam, crispy Santa chocolate discs and foiled chocolate snowmen. Basket is 9 1/2" l…



On orders by December 16th

A favorite in Wisconsin, mellow Muenster has a distinctive red rind, a mild tang, melts superbly and adds fresh taste to scrambled eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches and more. 1 lb. 4-oz.


Cheese, Petits Fours and Garlic Summer Sausage. 5-oz. net wt.* Choice 2: Cheddar Cheese, Butter Toffee and Original BEEF LOG. 5 3/4-oz. net wt.* Choice 3: Cheddar and Brick Cheeses, Garlic Summer Sausage, Original BEEF LOG and Strawberry Jam. 8 3/4-oz. net wt.* Choice 4: Cheddar Cheese,

$12.95 - $44.95

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