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As refreshing as an ice-clinking daiquiri, cool as the pool at a summer spa—each bite of this Cheesecake is a mini vacation for the senses.* Yummy strawberry and cream cheese with strawberry bits all cradled in a soft crust.* 2 lbs. 11-oz.


Impress friends and family with this amazing dessert.* Rich chocolate crust underneath and sour cream icing on top puts pleasure in every bite.* Specially blended ingredients with our cream cheese to make this cheesecake so dreamy and creamy.* 3 1/4 lbs. net wt.


Save 31%


Enjoy a true "Seal of Excellence" winner!* Tender graham crust holds layers of sweet-tart apple filling and creamy-smooth vanilla cheesecake.* Caramel and walnut streusel topping adds the crowning touch to this delicious dessert.* 8" diam., 2 lbs. 7-oz.


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Swirls of sweet strawberry, thick, creamy goodness and natural ingredients.* Delicious cheesecake will fill everyone with smiles of pleasure.* From flaky crust to delectable cream cheese, it's irresistible.* 2 lb.


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Each morsel is a taste-tempting delight!* Creamy-smooth vanilla cheesecake baked to perfection and blanketed in creamy milk chocolate.* Gift of 12; .89-oz. each.


Light peach flavor with a sense of sparkle—this creamy cheesecake captures all the freshness of a new spring day.* Nestled within its buttery crust, peach filling and cheesecake with peaches brightens the spirit.* This is one cheesecake worth savoring every crumb.* 2 1/4 lbs.


We make our ultra-creamy cheesecake frothy-smooth, with rich vanilla flavor.* It's nestled in a graham cracker crust and all without any added sugar.* 1 1/4 lbs.These Sugar Free Products are intended for use by those who wish to restrict their intake of sugars and are not reduced calorie foods.…


Sink your teeth into rich, soft chocolate truffle bliss!* You'll be amazed this cheesecake is gluten free.* Fresh local ingredients and handmade care are obvious in every scrumptious bite.* 2-lbs. net wt.


Handmade from scratch with very few ingredients:* New York Cheesecake is as pure and original as it gets.* Ours is gluten free, more than 50% real cream cheese and all natural flavors.* 2 lbs.


What a great gift!* With 27 snack-size Swiss Colony treats, this gift offers you a variety of good eating!* Perfectly-seasoned Sausages, flavorful Cheeses, delicate Petits Fours, rich Fruit Cake, delicious Tortes and so much more!* 2-lbs. 6 1/4-oz. net wt.Save $$ each time you…


A scrumptious, gluten-free treat!* Luscious pumpkin flavor, pure cream cheese (not a blend).* Plus fresh ingredients from local farms make this treat unsurpassed in satisfaction.* 2-lbs. net wt.


Save 26%


Our single most popular gift for terrific variety and unparalleled quality.* Includes snack-sized BEEF LOG, Caraway, Garlic and Summer Sausages* Cheddar, Brick, Edam and Colby Cheeses; decadent Mini Butter Toffee* Fruit Spreads; delectable Bonbons; delicious Cakes; Petits Fours and more!* 2-lbs.…


A long-time customer favorite!* Gift of 4: Kreme Kaese and Cheddar Cheeses, BEEF LOG and Summer Sausages. 15 1/2-oz. net wt.* Gift of 6: All four plus Colby Cheese and Garlic BEEF LOG Sausage. 1-lb. 7 1/4-oz. net wt.* Gift of 9: All six plus Creamy Swiss Blend Cheese, Caraway BEEF…

$23.95 - $43.95

4.0 star

Oh yeah! It's a favorite 5, or a steal of a deal for all 15!* Top flavors and great prices guarantee fantastic eating and a superb value.* Cheese Bars are 10-oz. net wt.* Sausages are 8-oz. net wt.* Tortes are 6 to 6 1/4 oz. net wt.

$9.95 - $27.95

5.0 star

A banquet in a box…or a gift to feed a crowd!* Includes Brown Sugar-cured Ham and hearty Sausages* Cheeses, Mustards, Incredible Spread­ables®* Candy-coated Grahams, luscious Pastries, Spreads and Chocolates* 2 lbs. 12 3/4-oz. net wt.


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