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…spring package for terrific variety and unparalleledquality.* Includes snack-sized BEEF LOG®, Caraway, Garlic and Summer Sausages* Cheddar, Brick, Edam and Colby Cheeses; Fruit Spreads* decadent Mini Butter Toffee; Bonbons; delicious Cakes; Petits Fours and more!* 2 lbs. 6 3/4-oz. net wt.


A sweet treat for some-bunny special!* White cake is covered with marshmallow-flavored creme, then rolled and coated with milk chocolate.* A pair of bunnies, fashioned in Swiss blend chocolate and hand-decorated, peek out from the log.* 1 3/4 lbs. Serves 10-12.


Rich chocolate filling, coconut butter creme and moist cake are rolled up and coated with milk chocolate and shredded coconut. 1 lb. 10-oz.


…chocolate over 15 layers of chocolate Dobosh cream and cake. 1 1/4-lbs.* Mint Chocolate Torte: Butter creme plus creme de menthe liqueur and cake with chocolate. 1 1/4-lbs.* Triple Chocolate Torte: Fudge is layered with chocolate cake and covered with chocolate. 1-lb. 5-oz.For more…

$21.95 - $51.95

You'll enjoy every bit of these adorable rolled logs of cake and butter creme.* Cakes are raspberry, vanilla and chocolate.* Each is coated in sweet confection and lovingly hand-decorated for spring.* Gift of 3; 15-oz. net wt.


Inspired by the classic campfire treat, we layered moist cake with marshmallow graham creme, then thickly coated it in sweet Swiss Blend chocolate. You know you're going to want s'more. 1 lb. 4-oz.


What a delicious dessert!* Local Wisconsin butter and homegrown pumpkin blend with earthy cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger.* Baked to taste-tempting perfection, then rolled, frosted and iceed one by one.* Serves 8-10. 1 1/2 lbs.


Save 20%


Moist and brimming with flavor!* Our Coffee Cake is made with plenty of butter, cream cheese and eggs blended into a rich batter.* We swirl in some streusel, top it with more streusel, then bake it to golden perfection.* Serves 18-20; 2 1/4-lbs.


A terrific way to sample some of our delicious treats.* Selection includes Cheese Bars, Sausages, Chocolate and Mint Tortes, Petits Fours and more* 13-1/4-oz. net wt.


Oh yeah! It's a favorite 5, or a steal of a deal for all 15! * Top flavors and great prices guarantee great eating.* Cheese bars are 10-oz. net wt.* Sausages are 8-oz. net wt.* Tortes are 6 1/4-oz. net wt.

$9.95 - $27.95

Like a dessert dish of berries and cream!* Moist cake, raspberry butter creme and tangy raspberry filling is pure pleasure.* Sweet melt-in-the-mouth icing and hand-decorated berries add their refreshing charm.* 1 lb. 7-oz. net wt.


Super-moist cake is mixed with rich butter creme and lusciously coated in Swiss blend chocolate or Swiss creme. Three flavors: Carrot Cake, Double Chocolate and Red Velvet. Gift of 12; .85 oz. each.


Save 40%


What to serve with coffee: blueberry muffins or rich coffee cake? Why not both? Packed with real blueberries, this moist, dense coffee cake tastes like fresh-baked blueberry muffins topped with brown sugar-cinnamon streusel. Serves 10-12; 1 lb. 4-oz.


Save 12%


A layer of traditional chocolate fudge is topped with a thick layer of birthday cake-flavored fudge with sprinkles. Make every day your birthday! 15 1/2-oz. net wt.


Dreaminess on a plate: layers of moist Lemon Cake, citrus cool lemon filling and smooth lemon butter-creme are covered in lemony icing and coconut rounded by ribbon frosting. Top decoration may vary. 8" diameter, 2 1/2-lbs.


Put on another pot and get ready to enjoy rich, buttery flavor that's completely gluten-free. This moist cake is best served warm to soften the butter and chocolate chips for the creamiest, dreamiest texture imaginable. Don't forget to break out the ice cream! 1 lb. 3-oz.* Perfect paired…


Could a cake this moist and delicious really be gluten-free? Better hold onto the package in case no one believes you! Beaming with the bright, sunny flavors of lemon and poppyseed and topped with a crunchy streusel, this is one treat you will want to order again and again. 1 lb. 3-oz.


Deliver the zing of spring on a refreshing strawberry shortcake torte.* Hand-decorated chicks created in our Bakery.* Scrumptious yellow cake ribboned with vanilla butter creme and strawberry shortcake filling.* It's a delicious gift and unique way to announce the season.* 1 1/4 lbs. net wt.


Less than $4.50 a gift!* Six individually wrapped boxes make terrific handout gifts for coworkers and friends.* Each includes a snack-sized Colby Cheese, Chocolate Torte and Summer Sausage.* 1-lb. 13 1/4-oz. net wt.


For chocolate lovers, this is it! Luscious layers of double chocolate devil's food cake and chocolate fudge filling are drenched with rich milk chocolate. It doesn't get any better than this. 2 lbs 1/4-oz.


…BEEF LOG. 5 3/4-oz. net wt.* Choice 2: Colby Cheese, Petits Fours and Garlic BEEF LOG Sausage. 5-oz. net wt.* Choice 3: Cheddar Cheese, Mustard, Crackers, Incredible Spreadable and BEEF LOG. 1/2 lb. net wt.* Choice 4: Cheddar and Brick Cheeses, Garlic and Original BEEF LOGS and Jam.…

Save up to 30%

$6.95 - $35.95

…fruitcake is one of the most beloved holiday traditions…and now you don't have to give it up to go gluten-free. This dense, delicious cake is loaded with fruits, nuts and other natural whole foods so you can share it with your most discriminating friends and family. Yes, you really can…


A banquet in a box…or a gift to feed a crowd!* Includes Brown Sugar-cured Ham and hearty Sausages* Cheeses, Mustards, Incredible Spread­ables®* Candy-coated Grahams, luscious Pastries, Spreads and Chocolates* 2 lbs. 12 3/4-oz. net wt.


Oh yeah! It's a favorite 5, or a steal of a deal for all 15! Top flavors and great prices guarantee fantastic eating and a superb value. Cheese Bars are 10-oz. net wt., Sausages are 8-oz. net wt. and Tortes are 6 1/4-oz. net wt.

$9.99 - $27.99

Treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind sweet!* Rich chocolate cake with raspberry filling and Bavarian creme* Dollops of sweet chocolate mousse creme* All under our exclusive Swiss-blend darker chocolate* Gift of 24, .47-oz. each


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