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One glance reveals their colossal size and delicate colors!* One taste reveals a world of distinct flavors and crunchy freshness* Loved ones are sure to appreciate a gift of such carefully selected quality during the holidays or any time* 2 lb. selection also comes unsalted* Tin may vary

$21.99 - $49.99

A deliciously crunchy gift.* Super size and consistently excellent flavor mark these as Cashews of distinction.* From the first bite to the very last nibble.* Tin may vary.

$19.99 - $69.99

The plump cashews, almonds and pecans fill this tin with crunchy goodness!* Featuring both roasted-and-salted and chocolate-covered varieties* A wonderful mix of salty, sweet satisfaction* Delicious proof that you can have it both ways* 1 lb. net wt.* Tin may vary


All together, they're a gift of good will and glad tidings for the holiday season.* 50% Pistachios with our salted Cashews, Almonds, Brazils, Filberts and Pecans.* Tin may vary.

$28.99 - $43.99

Nature's perfect snack!* Jumbo Pistachio Nuts are gently roasted and salted* Packed in an attractive tin* Makes a wonderful hostess gift!

$24.99 - $41.99

We've combined three of your all-time favorite snacks to make one terrific gift!* Crunchy Mixed Nuts* Classic Bridge Mix* Colorful Candy-coated Peanuts* All mixed together in one tin

$20.99 - $29.99

A great gift for loved ones or yourself!* Plump Macadamia Nuts, in all their sweet, crunchy glory.* Covered with our exclusive house blend milk chocolate.

$21.99 - $29.99

Give your favorite hiker or snacker a delicious, energy-packed blend of snacks.* Filled with salted roasted almonds, walnut halves, jumbo raisins and luscious butter toffee-coated peanuts* 14-oz. net wt.


The perfect blend of delicious…and nutritious! Includes:* ALA Omega-3-rich walnuts* Cranberries* Dark chocolate-covered soy nuts* 3/4 lb. net wt.


You'll be won over by this crunchy-sweet snack!* Whole almonds, peanuts and buttery cashews are mixed with plump raisins.* Plus, candy-coated chocolate flavored peanuts in this all-time favorite.* 1 lb. 2-oz. net wt.These Sugar Free Products are intended for use by those who wish to restrict…


Packed with flavor and energy, it's an indulgence that's not at all naughty!* Featuring dry-roasted edamame and cherry-and-orange-flavored cranberries* Also has roasted, salted pepitas (pumpkin seeds), walnuts and dark chocolate-covered soy nuts* 13-oz. net wt.


Handfuls of buttery flavor and crunchy texture.* Harvested when they're golden-ripe and aromatic.* Salted and roasted, they're simply the best!* 13-oz. net wt.


Our select Natural Pecans are scrumptious all by themselves, and extra-delicious covered in milk chocolate.* You get both in one bonus treat of flavor.* 15-oz. net wt.


A delightfully delicious snack!* Gift of 5: Buttery Parsley, Roasted Garlic and French Onion "Crrrisps" with Mellow Cheddar and Herb Garden Incredible Spreadables ®. 1 lb. 3 1/2-oz. net wt.* Gift of 7: All three "Crrrisps" and both spreads listed above, plus…

$22.99 - $39.99

Looking for the perfect way to treat the paper carrier, the hairdresser, or anyone who touches your life?* Everyone's favorite blend of premium-grade pecans, almonds, cashews, Brazils and filberts* All in in a trio of tins that make perfect handout gifts or stocking stuffers* Gift of 3;…


It doesn't get much simpler—or better!* Premium-grade almonds are carefully roasted to bring out their natural richness* Seasoned with just the right amount of salt* 1 lb. net wt.


Celebrating spring's colors? So are these scrumptious pretzels.* They're crunchy-delicious, drizzled with sweet trails of spring icing over luscious Swiss creme.* 9 1/2-oz. net wt.* Tin may vary.


The ultimate treat of the tastiest Pistachio Nuts…roasted, salted and shelled.* These Nuts have the most delicious flavor and freshness available anywhere.* 15-oz. net wt.


The slightly-sweet flavor of Macadamia Nuts gently complements our milk chocolate for the ultimate in "Chocolate Perfection!"* Treat chocolate lovers to our original Macadamia Nut Chocolates.* They're made in our own Candy Kitchen, so you know you're sending the very best.* Tin…

$18.99 - $42.99

…and exquisite beyond compare.* Featuring meticulously handcrafted Butter Toffee, Milk Chocolate Truffles, Dark Chocolate Truffles and Macadamia Nut Chocolates, Mini Peanut Butter Cups, Milk Chocolate Almond Clusters and the signature "Swiss Colony" Milk Chocolates* You'll enjoy…


Three long-time favorites combine into one elegant gift presentation.* Macadamia Nut Chocolates, Milk Chocolate Truffles with ganache centers and Wisconsin Butter Toffee.* This gift is made in our Candy Kitchen and carefully hand packed for an impressive gift.* 9 1/2-oz. net wt. Tin may vary.


Under $5.50 each!* Present someone with the cutest "ribbon-wrapped" tin of mixed nuts.* Six nibble-icious tins of scrumptious Cashews, Brazils, Almonds, Filberts and Pecans.* 1-lb. 2-oz. net wt.Click here to see our double guarantee


Scoop up a radiant harvest of the best fruits and nuts.* California raisins, Turkish apricots, walnut halves and banana chips.* Plus, almonds, dates, pecans and more.* This Mix is a treasure trove of the best Nature has to offer.* 1 1/4 lbs. net wt.


Roasted almonds, cashews and macadamia nuts are joined by dried pineapple and cranberries to create handfuls of goodness.* Packed with nutrition and packed in our distinctive red gift tin* Makes a fabulous gift for the hiker or healthy eater* A refreshing alternative to typical holiday sweets* 1 lb.…


…are a favorite at Christmas—or any time!* Dried fruits, with slightly more concentrated flavor than when first picked.* Sweet dates, date nut rolls, refreshing Turkish apricots and prunes on a bamboo tray.* They're ready to set out and enjoy right away, or indulge in one at a time.

$26.50 - $38.50

The plump cashews, almonds and pecans in this tin come in both roasted/salted and chocolate covered varieties.* Wonderful mix of salty, sweet satisfaction—and delicious proof that you can have it both ways.* 1 lb. net wt.


Now this is a Wisconsin classic! Gourmet popcorn—grown right here—is popped in pure coconut oil just like years ago, then given a shot of rich butter flavor. 3 1/2-oz. net wt.


Great snacking awaits! This gift set includes* Snack-sized BEEF LOG ® and Summer Sausage, Cheddar and Brick cheeses* Mellow Cheddar Incredible Spreadable, Petits Fours, mustards, nuts, candies and chocolates* 1 lb. 1-oz. net wt.


This kind of peach needs no cream at all! With less acidity than yellow peaches, white peaches are as sweet as can be…a sweetness that's even more concentrated by controlled drying. Enjoy the sunny flavor of the South all year long! 1 lb. net wt.


Our festive Halloween tin will be the hit of the night!* Filled with our renowned blend of cashews, almonds, pecans, Brazils and filberts* Makes for a magical night of quality snacking* 1 lb. net wt.


When everyone's settling in for "It's a Wonderful Life," they'll love munching on this!* Three popular popcorn flavors: Butter, Cheese and Caramel* Individually bagged in a large, reusable holiday tin* A great gift for the movie buff!* 1 lb. 15 1/2-oz. net wt.


A delicious gift you can feel good about eating… and giving!* Crunchy roasted almonds and dried cranberries* Coated with luscious dark chocolate for a truly soul-satisfying snack in a gift tin.* 1 lb. 2-oz. net wt.


Here's all the rich chocolate flavor you crave, loaded with crunchy macadamia nuts.* We've perfected this recipe without using sugar.* Approximately 15 pieces, 1/2 lb. net wt. Tin may vary.These Sugar Free Products are intended for use by those who wish to restrict their intake of sugars and…


…with goodies!* Brick and Cheddar Cheeses, BEEF LOG, Milk Chocolate Chris Mouse, candy buttons.* Mini Butter Toffee, candy-coated pretzels, mixed nuts and more delights.* When finally empty, the boxes nest neatly inside each other for easy storage.* Overall height is 18 3/4"; 1-lb. 8-oz. net…


What a delicious treat!* Loads of crunchy, sweet Southern pecans, cover them in dreamy chocolate.* An unsurpassed sugar free treat and a new favorite to look forward to.* 3/4 lb. net wt.These Sugar Free Products are intended for use by those who wish to restrict their intake of sugars and are…


All the delicious, nut-sweet flavor and mild creaminess of our famous Big Baby Swiss in a smaller portion.* Our Li'l Baby is perfect in sandwiches or your favorite recipes.* Of course, it's also great on snack crackers!* Handy 1 1/4-lb. size makes it the ideal gift for the smaller…

$17.99 - $39.99

…or all three for guaranteed gift-giving success.* Macadamia Nut—bursting with sun-ripened pineapple and macadamia nuts.* Original—loaded with 70% fruit and nuts in a buttery-rich batter.* Butter Rum—made with cherries, pineapple and pecans.* Order each one separately or save…

$13.99 - $34.99

From the buttery sweet goodness of Baby Swiss, to the smooth, mellow taste of our all-natural Big Red Cheddar and the robust richness of patiently-aged Vintage Cheddar, your favorites are ready to ship to everyone on your list… or to yourself* Big Baby Swiss Cheese—Our Baby…

$17.99 - $84.99

Santa's outdone himself this year, but you can take all the credit!* Includes Sausages and Cheeses, Honey Roasted Peanuts, Mixed Nuts, Mustards and BBQ Sauce.* Fruit Spreads, Tortes, Petits Fours, Incredible Spreadables, Cookies, a Santa Chocolate and much more!* 7-lbs. 3/4-oz. net wt.


Delicious nourishment is often the sweetest gift of all. * Cashews, Almonds, Pecans, Brazils and Filberts (no peanuts).* Colossal size, delicate colors and distinct flavors with crunchy freshness.* 1 lb. net wt.


A breakfast favorite!* Mix and match tender Apple Date, Lemon, Banana, Blueberry and Carrot Breads with luscious Cremes.* Gift of 7: Apple Date, Carrot, Banana and Blueberry Breads; Filbert, Honey and Vanilla Cremes.* 1-lb. 2-oz. net wt.* Gift of 9: All seven plus Lemon Bread and…

$24.99 - $30.99

Three all-time favorite snacks make one terrific gift.* Mixed Nuts, Bridge Mix and candy buttons are all lovingly mixed into a sweet, savory blend.* 1 lb. 3-oz. net wt.


Sweet and salty is always a winning combination.* Here, scrumptious pretzels are blanketed in creamy confection.* Then they're sprinkled all about with candy hearts.* 1/2 lb. net wt.


Looks like some cheerful person has packed a tin full of taste-tempting Bridge Mix and Mixed Nuts to help you celebrate springtime.* Our colorful tin is brimming with this texture-rich assortment of delicious munchies.* 1 lb. 3-oz. net wt.* Tin may vary.


A sweeter take on our storied fruitcake tradition!* We've loaded up a praline-based confection with nuts and candied fruits* A unique experience every sweet tooth will enjoy* 1 lb. 1 oz.


Our divine Brickle is now even more buttery and creamy, with more nuts and texture.* Broken-up pieces are dipped at the base in chocolate.* Hand drizzled for top-to-bottom goodness.* 12 1/2-oz. net wt.


All the great taste with no sugar.* Crunchy roasted peanuts in a sugar free, candy coating of broken-up brittle.* Made right here in our Bakery and perfect for any occasion.* 14-oz. net wt.These Sugar Free Products are intended for use by those who wish to restrict their intake of sugars and are not…


Calling all bunnies and chicks everywhere! You'll need a full family of hungry munchers to finish off this whopping container of candies and treats.* Pretzels, a milk chocolate bunny, gourmet popcorn, chocolate peanuts.* Chocolate stars, jelly rabbits and chicks, gummi bunnies, Sixlets®…


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