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Slice, spread, snack and grab loads of hearty satisfaction again and again.* Original BEEF LOG, Summer Garlic and Caraway Sausages; Swiss & Ham.* Swiss & Bacon, Smoked Bacon and Herb Garden Incredible Spreadables* Mustard, Mixed Nuts and wheat crackers.* 1 lb. 14 1/4-oz. net wt.


…1-lb. 3 1/2-oz. net wt.* Gift of 7 includes - 3 Spreads: Mellow Cheddar, Smoked Bacon and Herb Garden plus 4 "Crisps", 1 lbs. 15-oz.* Gift of 8 includes - 4 Spreads: Mellow Cheddar, Smoked Bacon, Swiss & Ham and Herb Garden plus 4 "Crisps", 2 lbs. 15-oz.*…

$22.95 - $39.95

On orders by December 16th

2-oz. each Garlic, Crab Delight, Swiss & Bacon, Mild Jalapeño, Spinach Supreme and Ranch. Plus, two 2-oz. each Lobster Delight, Garden Vegetable, Port Wine, Mellow Cheddar, Smoked Bacon & French Onion.


A gift to savor!* Delicate seasonings, natural seafood flavors and cream cheese.* Gift of 3—Crab Delight, Lobster Delight and Shrimp Scampi.* Gift of 5— All three plus Smoked Salmon and Shrimp Cocktail.* 1/2-lb. each.

$19.95 - $29.95

…this side of the North Pole.* Has Apple Cinnamon Pancake Mix and Buttermilk Pancake Mix, Apple Date, Lemon and Banana Breads.* Also, Canadian-style Bacon, Maple Ham Links, Honey Ham, Hickory Smoked Bacon.* And, Honey and Cinnamon Cremes and Blueberry and Maple flavored syrups.* 3-lbs. 15-oz. net wt.



On orders by December 16th

Succulent meats, seasoned to perfection, will turn an ordinary breakfast into a feast!* Includes Honey Ham Summer Sausage, Pepper Seasoned and Hickory Smoked Bacon.* Plus, Canadian-style Bacon and Maple Ham Breakfast Links.* 2 lbs. 6-oz. net wt.For cooking instructions, click here.


Save 25%


…a sumptuous breakfast!* Selection includes Apple Cinnamon Pancake Mix, Maple Ham Summer Sausage, Canadian-style Bacon, Pepper Seasoned and Smoked Bacon, Colombian Supreme Coffee, Apple Date Bread, Honey Creme and Fruit Spreads.* 3-lbs. 1-oz. net wt.Save $$ each time you send this item…



On orders by December 16th

…selection is filled with hearty Apple Cinnamon Pancake Mix, succulent Ham cured with Brown Sugar, Canadian-style Bacon, Pepper Seasoned and Hickory Smoked Bacon, Colombian Supreme Coffee, Apple Date Bread (as moist as the ones Mom used to make), luscious Honey Creme and delightful Fruit…



On orders by December 16th

…again and again. For full-flavored indulgence, it's hard to beat this lineup of Original BEEF LOG®, Summer, Garlic and Caraway Sausages; Smoked Bacon, Swiss & Bacon and Mellow Cheddar Incredible Spreadables®; mustard, breadsticks, mixed nuts and more. 1 lb. 14 1⁄4 oz. net wt. Save…


One of the heartiest gifts you can give!* The finest beef, zesty spices and patient hardwood smoking create a long-time customer favorite.* One bite and you'll taste the blend of seasonings and flavor sealed into every tantalizing morsel.

$15.95 - $39.95

Get ready for savory flavor with a heat that kindles deep inside.* Genuine jalapeño in our spice blend gives this hardwood-smoked BEEF LOG a robust difference.* 1 lb. net wt.


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